Sold Item and picked the wrong shipping label!

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Customer already paid what do I do?
@Magic-Lion If you did not use the correct shipping amount you will have to use the label and go to the post office and pay for the extra shipping total
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Same thing happend to me im not making up the differance offer up should have a better estimate costs program
Offerup has the shipping set up where there should not be any problems at all as long as you weigh the package. I've mailed dozens of packages and have never had a problem but I always put the item in a box and get the weight first
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That would be a solution IF the item can be shipped within the same USPS service category and IF the seller did not already print the wrong label. Which is what I just did. I printed a USPS First Class label (max allowed: 16 oz) when in actuality my item needs to be shipped via USPS Priority (weighs more than max. allowed by First Class). To top it all off, offerup isnt letting me VOID this mess of a transaction since I already printed the label (which I can't use at all, even if I asked to pay the difference at the post office it couldn't be done since I need an entirely new label to ship Priority).