Sold item shipped to customer notified item was sent order was canceled item received no payment

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As long as you did everything on OfferUp then you should be ok. You should contact support just to stay on top of it. Make sure they know. 

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How do I get in touch with support? I received a message from them showing the item shipped, the next day I get a message saying it hadn't shipped, but the customer received the merchandise. Tracking shows shipped.
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Hi @LadyDoll
You can reach Customer Care at:
If Twitter is available to you at OfferUp. Seems that way is the quickest to receive a reply.
GLTU! Ciao´ for now... =)
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I wish that was so I’ve contacted support dozens of times first they told me that the shipping label I used to ship item was purchased outside of OFFERUP and they couldn’t track so I provided paperwork showing label was indeed provided to me by OfferUp then they told me that shipping label used did not match transaction number on sales receipt I then sent them receipt provided by OfferUp with matching transaction number + Tracking number used to ship item matching both sales receipt and shipping receipt provided to me from my local US Post Office they now are saying they have reviewed this and have explained this clearly to me that now packing slip I used to ship ( previously told I purchased on my own) doesn’t match transaction number on receipt and now they were considering this case closed Now why can’t they see the packing slip used to ship item and sale slip with Transaction number associated with sale to confirm everything concerning this sale of item was completely Facilitated through OfferUp and couldn’t Have Happened without Them Being involved In sale Period

did you get your money from the sale