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Hi everyone, is there any way that Offer Up team could move the sold items from the my selling list, I mean if it’s sold than there’s no point for keeping the item in you selling list if it’s already sold. If someone would have a similar item then I’m sure they will just create a new posting to sell it. Thanks and I’m waiting for an answer Smiley Wink
OfferUp employee

@NiceGuy Hey NiceGuy Smiley Happy Archiving an item automatically unlists it, which removes it from future search results and from your Selling tab. It also removes all notifications from your notifications tab. When you Archive, that post will be moved to the Archived folder, and any associated message threads will be removed from your Alerts page as well but will always be accessible. 

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Elin just noticed you gave the same answer as me lol, NiceGuy so I totally agree with Elin. 👍