Some Ideas - need your input!

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Hey Everyone!


I'm almost always thinking of these forums and different ways to improve them and make them more fun. I'm calling on any and all ideas you might like to see here on these forums.


Personally, I'd love to see some sort of game where I can send some OfferUp swag to winners, or polls, or even a (moderated) "off-topic" sub-forum! I've heard requests for thumbs down buttons, but I'm personally against the idea as it encourages negativity, but would love to hear your ideas.


Gimme your ideas! Are you a part of other forums? If so, do any of them have features you'd like to see on here?


These forums are for you - our most passionate OfferUp community members. Let me know how I can make them better! I'm open to any feedback, but just know that some ideas might not be possible.


Let the creativity flow!


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We had a game category when I had my Artfire site. It was fun. Stuff like words in a word game, one word game, favorite movie lines etc..

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what is an off topic thread in a "community" forum.

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It would be a place where you would appropriately be able to ask people if they like coffee in a non-OfferUp related post without going off topic, @0317


It could include sports talk, discussions about tv or films. Basically, a place where people can get to know each other better without it being specifically about OfferUp. The forums we have currently don't allow for much of the fun chit-chat (as you've experienced) but I want to give you all an outlet to discuss more Smiley Happy

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All of the ideas sound fun! No thumbs down option, IMO, people need to learn to read something they disagree with and just not comment.

I would love a thread dedicated to thrifting. Maybe fun, unique finds, horror stories (yes, we have those). Local store suggestions, etc.
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OOooOOoooHhhhh a thrifting/DIY/craft forum would be SUPER fun! @RevivalGypsy

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UI on forum side of the app is not so user friendly - team should really look into optimizing that.
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@S_dealz - I actually just started talking about this yesterday!! Definitely want to make the mobile experience for the forums better, as most of the community members view the forums from their phone! 


@RevivalGypsy - your wish is our demand! Stay tuned for something fun on... Monday... maybe... Smiley Wink 

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I'd like to see a "Best Buying Deals" category with buyer successes.  There are some great stories about amazing 'finds' that I would love a place to share!

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Ooooh I LOVE this idea! Almost like a testimonial type place. I'm gonna look into this!

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Yes @Vicky that would be fun!