Some Ideas - need your input!

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@Vicky really good idea, thanks for sharing that l. 👍
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All swag gifts are appreciated Smiley Wink. (just kidding)

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I’m all in for unique finds, and local store suggestions.  Horror stories could be creepy cool, and interesting. 

We had a game category when I had my Artfire site. It was fun. Stuff like words in a word game, one word game, favorite movie lines etc..

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I wish there was an option to notify OfferUp when people stop responding about items that have been listed for “11 months” or an extended about of time which delete the items or make the user repost the item.
Definitely agree
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I love some of the ideas that was mentioned on this thread about testamonials of those who are making great sales on this site. Perhaps a section about how people learned from difficult experiences with selling online or people who turned a bad situation around. I love those "can do", "turn lemons into lemonade, resourceful and determined people. In regards to off topics, I am a huge animal lover. I love my pets and the animals I feed and rescue. I also tnr feral cats. So i would love to speak to other animal lovers. In regards to the thumbs down button mention, I say no way. Don't give trolls and negative people a chance to thumbs down. Keep this forum helpful and inspirational. That is why i come here. This is a great community forum. So glad that I found it.

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@Mj_206 how about adding a new buttons feature when reporting an issue. You would have the choice of “no” or “yes” button to receive an email response from OfferUp when reporting a post or person. Your thoughts 💭
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Love the positive response!
I have always been "a dog person", until this year when a stray cat showed up on my porch and became my best friend. We legally adopted her about 3 weeks later after we couldn't find the owner. Even my husband, who HATED cats, loves her!
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@Hotrod I am digging the new badge! You're a 10! 😁