Some Ideas - need your input!

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I think a buy/sell site should be just that. It's enough to keep ppl involved if u keep it safe and honest and ensure quality product transactions. And making sure to back what ur sellers are selling and promoting. There are 100's of social forums for meeting and mingling and if someone is really trying to make a purchase, their time will be spent accordingly, browsing the 100's of items offered. Not to mention all the cool distractions to be seen whilst comparing and reviewing. What I'm saying is Wish is great the way it is and it has served exactly the purpose I downloaded it for. I would hate to see it become a home wrecking hook-up site where spineless secrets are disguised by secondhand shopping profiles. I'm sure ppl are already meeting to buy/sell and exchanging # from there already. Some with and some without malicious intent. And I'm sure somebody self pimping without breaking off for the developer by offering up "high heels and purses" but if u got the code word......Are u pickn up what I'm puttn down?

@StephieP Huh? I honesty don't understand. She's not talking about making any part of the forum where you can buy, sell or trade, that's all done on the main site so I'm not sure how anyone on the forum would be hooking up with selling anything under codes. The forum is constantly monitored. We have a profile for our buying and selling and a seperate profile for the forum.
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I agree with @BrightMoonstone - I'm not sure what you mean @StephieP. These forums are for community members to give each other tips and tricks. If you have further concerns, please feel free to PM me.

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We will all be too busy trying to take your man, we won't be able to sell you a toaster.

I am a multi-tasker😋

@RevivalGypsy I don't have one I'm doing the single thing..shew I'm safe! Don't need a toaster!
We have to have some humor in here! 😊
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@BrightMoonstone got my vote for "Humor" section for the forum.
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You guys are hilarious!

(but I will need to moderate slightly Woman Wink )

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Yup I was just about to Escalate it my self @Mj_206 😂
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How about a new subject to report, "stock photos"? This seems to be the latest issue that sellers have decided to start exploiting. Some sellers have hundreds of them, every posts is a stock photo! I don't understand how they can continue to post here after reporting them for weeks and still see their posts and many are duplicated.

The other new report category to add should be "service" this is also absolutely out of control! These guys will post 50 duplicates on top of posting prohibited posts, they are by far the most abusive duplicate posters using this site just in front of tire sales and phone and accessories sales. For some reason these sellers are allowed to post hundreds of duplicstes even after wasting hours of time reporting them for months (reposting them daily and some hourly) and never see it stop.