Some Ideas - need your input!

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How about an area where we can ask others for help with items you have trouble listing cuz of lack of knowledges on that item. Help with makers marks style era pricing etc.  

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I second that! Super idea
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I have spent the last few hours looking to buy items. Most items are nearly an hour's drive from me. No sellers are willing to ship, I am willing to pay full price plus shipping on all of the items, including multiple items from some of the sellers 😒 maybe an incentive discount on the first shipping order would be an enticing promotion. I can't seem to SPEND MONEY on offer up lately. Lol. Sellers make it more difficult than need be.
@RevivalGypsy I haven't bought anything other than some converse I was going to embroider and I picked them up locally, I think people are totaly making it harder than it really is! I don't understand it.
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Nor do I. There isn't enough education about the how-to's of shipping. People are almost offended, as if I'm asking them to pay shipping, even though I clearly state that I pay the ship costs. Spent all of yesterday with a guy that said not shipping for $12 as it was quoted in the listing (it was just some curtains and the weight was correct) waited forever for replies as to what he meant, then received a request for paypal. I got frustrated, it was the hardest purchase to make. If he had just accepted the full price offer plus shipping from the day before, it probably would be halfway here by now. Currently walking someone through the shipping process, but now I stopped getting responses a few hours ago, so we will see if I can actually purchase. @brightmoonstar these people don't even know, I'm a shopaholic and would likely buy all of their crap if its easy to purchase 😂
Crazy people! Who passes up on a shopaholic?
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I love a thread based on horror stories.

I'd love to share some of mine as well as hear some of the things that other people have had to deal with.

It might put things in perspective. It might provide a little chuckle (after the fact) and it might help others identify things to look for in their potential horror stories and possibly avoid one all together.
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start charging businesses that have local stores with business addreses and hours of operation. charge a fee baed on locsl coverage of 10 miles, 20 miles or 30 miles.. let them post their phone and address (just like they already do now) and not require any actual items for sale or real prices (just like they fo now) for their services.
also do the same for those prohibited sales like mobile mech, window tinting and phone repair services
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I’d like to see this and also a place maybe you could give sellers and buyers some hints how to sell. My experience on offer up is that many don’t answer at all, or they answer once and then you try to ask when you could meet to purchase it and they don’t answer for 2 weeks or never. Then there are those that get very offended if you offer them a different price. They need to know to put firm on the price if they don’t want offers. I’ve had many good experiences though. Those are the people we can all learn from.
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Great another hook up site in the making. Bad enough ppl use their most outrageous profile photos.... Have to laugh at it tho. Ppl remember your trying to sell items not prove how incredibly slick and cool you are 😉