Some Ideas - need your input!

A forum area that is based on location such as your state or N E S W area of each State. People like conversing with like minded people & more so if the people are in the same State. There are a lot of factors that contribute to success or lack there of in sells. One big factor would be weather as in natural disasters. You wouldn't expect people in Nevada tp be current on a recent tornado in Oaklahoma or Oregonians to be up to date on flash flooding in Rd Island. Having a place to converse with others that are experiencing similar effects could lead to Joe Schmoe being aware people in his area are in need of blankets which he happens to have a plethora of stored away & wants to donate. Local community wide selling events, or free appraisal day at some collector shop, heck a heads up Antique road show is coming to the area. Or a known repeat criminal offender has been released from jail again so be extra vigilant about (detailed past scam tactics) said person. Just an example, but I think it relays my reasoning behind the suggestion.
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@Mj_206 how about having a contest every so often for best Photo (Helps promote sellers to take great pics)... Best Deal of the Month (Promote great Offers) ... Top seller of the Month (Promotes a push in posts and sales!) Lastly a section for those that would like to know Best Pricing or how to price items a seller is unsure of (Promotes more educated sellers on Antiques, Vintage, or Collectibles. Maybe throw in a prize, just a thought 😁