Someone stole my pictures for an item

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I think the exact same
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There's unfortunately always going to be untrustworthy people on any social media type sites. I believe best course is blocking them and reporting them immediately.
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People are so ridiculous to do this and it's so rude of them !!!!
It's gotta be completely frustrating for you and others it happens to.
Hopefully Offer Up will eventually be able to help aid this problem.
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Oh jeez this is kinda scary...but maybe jyst maybe they have the same table ...just saying...but even if thats the case they still should of taken their own pics....
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Report copy those pictures get the emails get all possible information so we can help protect this little community from fraudulent or potentially fraudulent

If you ask me I would be so offended but yet take all possible actions to protect others as well
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I forgot to put if you can get a *phone number* or email or address location for the purpose of •*reporting and protect others from a non ^*verified seller
Thank for the heads up. Its crazy how much extra time people have on their hands to do wrong things. These are very unproductive people. Good luck to them
Whats the chances? Once I came out of the store and got into the wrong car. Key fit it and unlocked it. Lol I felt stupid but was totally innocent
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I always try to do this...that way like you said you have a couple ways to possibly locate
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Wow, that's so creepy. Who would do that! SMH