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I posted brand new baby clothes way below what I paid & all I get are "views". Why do people want something for nothing ?? Try & give them a bargain but that's not good enough. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother posting, just to give it away ??? As far as I'm concerned, if your not a serious buyer keep scrolling !!!!
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Well, @Gatorbait15, I would believe "views" would be a good thing. The more views, the better. At least your not getting those "ghost" offers. I would imagine that to be much worse. Depends on your area and the clothes prices. While it might be far less than you paid, are they still prices your customer base sees as feasible? How's the competition in your area? Are you posting best pics and descriptions? Are they common named branded items, like Osh Kosh and Baby Gap or designer brands? Do you post single items or bulk them into one listing?

When you stop getting views, then you have a problem! Others have posted great tips on selling baby clothes...check could be helpful.

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LOL @Gatorbait15 You dont like views?,,,,,,do you buy everything you look at in the store?,,,,,,ive been looking for the right fishing pole for about a year,,,,,i am a serious buyer ,,,,,,so far ive picked up and looked at every fishing pole in every store within fifteen miles every directions probably twice that was over 8 feet long,,,,,,,,,i would guess about two hundred views,,,,,,and when i find the right one ,,,i will buy it,,,,,,,,no matter what the price might be,,,,,,,,,,,,if you have a couple hundred views on an item,,,,,that tells you that you are just that much closer to selling it.,,,,,as far as a low offer,,,,,,every smart seller welcomes all offers. and is polite to the the potential customer no matter what the offer.

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@Gatorbait15 I totally understand what your saying, In my area clothing and hats are not a hot seller for some reason, unless I almost give it away for nothing.
The clothing I’ve tried to sell are ether new or slightly used and look new.
I’ve been selling on OfferUp for over 4 years, and had great luck selling all kinds of items, Just hang in there hopefully you’ll get the right person to come along.👍
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What area are you in?