Spam in the Kayak Category

We are getting totally spammed by two individuals post outrages buying ads for Kayaks and Paddle boards. Every time I open the app and for kayak deals there are always 3 or more ads by these same individuals at the top. Extremely frustrating when you are having to see these two individuals take over the category and somehow always be at the top. We have to pay extra to pump our ads towards the top but they seem to have hacked the app to be able to be at the top spot always. The administration should do something about this.
No they are not deleting, definitely duplicate post. You do a search for kayak in my area and there are 4 ads per individual total of 8 and is not something they are selling is a service they are promoting which I believe is against what can be posted. The experience is getting ruined and it feels like they definitely know how to keep their post on the top. It would take serious cash to keep 4 ads constantly getting bumped to the top. Administration definitely needs to look into this.
Community Helper
Yes I totally agree with you @Jorgeinthewater
It’s usually they are doing duplicate posts in other categories over and over again,
What we need is it to automatically delete duplicate posts in there items page so all they can post is just one at a time, like it’s setup right now were if you post the same item in the same category, that will stop all the duplicate posts