Spring Cleaning!

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Hello OfferUp Community!


As the first day of spring approaches and the Marie Kondo movement continues to inspire people to clean out things they no longer use, a survey we conducted found that half of Americans plan to resell their gently used goods to support their income this year. We also found:

  • One-third of Americans are planning to spend a full day or more decluttering their homes
  • 65 percent would consider selling gently used items online in order to free up space in their home

  • 43 percent plan to engage in more recommerce this year compared to 2018

  • One third would rather wait in line at the DMV than argue with their spouse about cleaning!

You can read about all of our findings here


What fact did you think was the most interesting? Smiley Happy

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More than half of America plans to resell their gently used items this year!
So love the fact more people are recycling/reusing and "re...ing"
Way to go America!
The Planet thanks you too Smiley Wink
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I truly feel daily cleansing is necessary. Using Natural ingredients such as Himalayan Pink Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother and Cinnamon... Create wonderful cleaning solutions and thoroughly cleanse your home as well as your body. Certainly, Marvelous outcomes will be released when done properly... Surely, when you sell your used items to others, the item cleanse with the said ingredients will have a wonderful energy attached for the Buyer...
Does anyone got a slightly use queen sized bed that has nothing wrong wit it for sale
Looking for a queen size bed that's slightly use n no stains
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There is no ISO/Wanted category on the OU app.
Is definitely on the "wish list" for many users... Good luck with your "Spring Cleaning".
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Selling my bomber jacket
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