Start charging local businesses to post here

Level 7
I've noticed that the biggest rule breakers tend to be posted by local businesses, wether it's multiple duplicates, posting their phone and address with store hours or using stock photos.

The way to tell if they are a business is not only the address but the fact that they will charge TAX on their sales! If a buyer pays tax they should report that seller as a business and from that point on should be blocked from the app and made to pay for their posts! Any obvious stores or tire shops, tool supply stores, home goods, retailers, sellers who operate from a both at a flea market it any other established business should not be selling here for free! They need to be using their homes or meeting to sell if they want to avoid paying offer up!

This site seems to enocourage trash posts like that, as nothing gets done to stop it. They want their site to become unusable to average users it seems.

Yes!! Stop spamming me with advertisements and instead get your money from the businesses! Great idea! But I don't think the people selling from their homes get to be exempt. There's a guy here in the Seattle area that posts new bed frames, from inside his home (when he gets the space i have no idea), from multiple accounts every single day. Its extremely annoying. He shouldnt be exempt as he is likely hiding from the IRS.
Level 1
I just joined this site yesterday and I’m rethinking that decision because I’m sick of it already. Almost every item I click on belongs to ONE individual who absolutely floods this app with ads for their business.
I wanted to buy and sell from regular people just trying to get rid of items they no longer needed.
It’s disappointing that I can’t block this ONE user so I don’t have to see their ads.
Ugh. I’m probably not going to use this app now & wish I hadn’t bothered.

This site has become a joke.