Start up help. How does this work?

New Member
Where are the instructions.
1. How this starts after reg.
2. Do we list the item we want to sell
3. Do we give a short synopsis details of the items we advertise.
4. How does one get paid.
5. How much does offer up charge to advertise our items.
6. Where does the traffic come from that sees our items?
Community Helper
1. I'm not sure what you mean by this
2. On the app, there should be a camera icon at the bottom of the app. Hit that and it will guide you through posting an item.
3. You can, but you dont have. (I would highly recommend it though)
4. Either cash if you sell locally or through the app if you ship.
5. You dont pay to use the app to sell
6. All views come within the app itself.