Still have not received my pending deposit

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I made a sale on June 28th, 2019 shipped it out I forgot to include something and reshipped the lady filed a claim during the shipping process to protect herself. I received an email on July 12th, 2019 that the claim was closed and I would be receiving my deposit next day. I responded twice asking where my deposit is and still have not heard anything back this is extremely frustrating as I have been waiting on this deposit for nearly a month. Can you please give me answers since no one else is responding? Anyone know how I can get this resolved? I’ve had the correct banking info the entire time and it just says deposit pending!! They shouldn’t offer this service if they can give the money to the person in a timely manner. @Mj_206
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This must be a scam why else would it take this long and no response from anyone on here or through email!!
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Apologies for the delay, @Young9193. I'll escalate your case and make sure you get a response.