Stolen asus 17.3 intel i3-7100u 4 core prossessor 1 tb harddrive nano display

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I hate for this to be my first topic but I need to spread this to every buy sell trade site there is. My 1200 laptop has been stolen I have already reported it to the police arkansas and memphis will be working together. This is a felony I have pics proof of purchase registration everything. This is a felony not only thief but theif by recieving if you see it anywhere for sale please report it immediately to Memphis and Crittenden county pd. The pawnshops are being notified and so are the websites. Do whats right please
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Sorry to here that some @$$ stole your Asus. Looks like you have taken the correct steps in having any hope to retrieve it. Not sure you will yield the same result as scouring the sites yourself looking for it. I wish you the best of luck in recovering it!