Stop Fraud and Scammers in their Tracks!!

Level 8
Please don"t give up when told you didn't use the app! Take these steps as I did and it worked. My account was hacked on Paypal for $100 from Bath and Body so I contacted Paypal on this number 888-221-1161 you will get a live person. I mentioned unauthorized charge to please look into this further as I did not make this purchase and can you see IP address? He was able to trace this charge to New York and the exact card that was compromised since I have 2 on my account. They have already investigated this small fraud company and already caught a few (Some of them are in jail now). They were able to make phony receipts and everything. Paypal blocked this charge and will work on finding the rest of this group! Make sure you catch it before it hits your account as it takes 2-3 business days. Now if it's the case of someone on Offer Up that purchases using Paypal or any other method and they close their OU account, does a chargeback with the bank make sure to go to police dept to file report, contact Paypal 800# than go to your bank to stop payment or if it drafted already go through necessary procedure with bank. Remember to follow tracking to see the customer got the item, show this email or copy to Paypal and mention you were scammed ( Thieves do this a lot and it may show they did it many times) eventially their account gets shut down! What happens is fraudsters forget that is the easiest way to catch them since there is a paypal account and bank connecting them (Name, Address, Phone Number) They are flagged as abusive buyers, shut down and you have a chance to get your money back. Hope this helps...