Stop listing Ads of items we just posted.

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The reason is Offer Up allows the competitors Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, Letgo and others to undercut your post with the same item but cheaper. Its posted on OfferUp right after you post your item. Its listed as an Ad >. But ive noticed this a few weeks ago. If ebay or any other site has the same item your posting at a cheaper price or equal, it gets posted multipe times through out OFFER UP site. And its always free shipping. The seller is unaware of this because wen you push post item and its finishes loading then routes to two more pages. Your alreay beat. The loading i believe is a decoy or search engines for the other sites. To give time to cross search the item.and list. I became aware.of this after getting over 90 hits for an item i had 3 of. The first couple hours. I was searchimg before The next one i listed was evn bettr than the first. i was getting lowballed. Still over a 50 responses in 20mins. But i wen i looked back at my search there they were 3 dupllicate Ads> for Ebay on the sane screen as mine i just posted 3 mins earlier.undercutting me. I checked it and made sure, this was going on. Even had a few neighbors build profiles and list"same thing" even kf its not identical its something simlar. Or they offer a 3for5 deal. The deals as a seller can not do. Because offr up will remove it, saying you cant do that with prices. I trying to give a deal. "RHE MORE YOU BUY THE MORE YOU SAVE" There was even a person on Amazon who flagged my item 11 times. So would be taken down. Only cuz he has Ads> on offer up. At a higher price then.mine. There' s a loop whole. WHO WANTS TO KNOW
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@The_ONE @Chris555 I’ve noticed a new feature, one being with my authentic designer 50$ hat, selling for 20$, there’s multiple sellers posts with similar items showing up in the bottom of my post, giving buyers the options to buy similar items within my posts. when buyers scroll down past my location map in my post.
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Even when you seraching for something , and click on somebody else post, offer up puts an add just above the title and picture of the post with the same iteme and most of the time it's cheaper. I had people not buy my things because they'll saw an add and said " hey theirs add and it's cheaper could you drop the price" I just tell them go get it from the add then. But it most definitely undermining sellers, not cool offer up, if your the ones doing it.
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This is so dumb. Anything i click on or post it shows me the retailers selling that same item spammed in ads on the page. Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of their garbage app in the first place? The money they get from the ads im sure they don't give a **bleep** though
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@DanielDaniel @The_ONE @Juanito1 @Hotrod Hey everyone, the ads that you see are all based on your own personal search history and that is different for every user. To Daniel's point, of course we care - we are always listening to feedback and taking notes on how to make everything we release better for everyone involved, so keep the feedback coming. 



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I'm going to delete OfferUp I haven't sold anything in a week since I started the advertising for competitive items I will not recommend this app to anyone others are available people
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I don't see how it's only OfferUps fault if you don't sell.

Sure, it's not perfect, but people (myself included) have made over 200+ transactions — a couple within the past week.

To Elin's reply, yes.

I looked up a Luigi's Mansion 3DS game and that came up in the ads a minute later.

Sometimes it's more, sometimes less.

It would be no different if another person posted it.

Plus aren't there fees associated with similar services?

OfferUp gives us a platform / service to sell our items, a much better version of Craiglist

I don't think they're competitive in the sense of products, just like everyone else, but a place where users can connect — sell items and share information.

Again, creating a better environment for sellers / buyers — they're doing a great job in that department, at least in my opinion.
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Hey @goblin

Your opinion matters and I just happen to agree with you. Offerup is creating a better environment for both sellers and buyers. Offerup is a great free platform.

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@easytouch I can see you have over 100+ sales, which is awesome! I'm not sure why the change of mind? I mean, we're here for you, let us know how we can help. 

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Hey @Hotrod ive noticed that too but my items (rustic decor and furniture) are usually lower han the ads for the most part. It is frustrating though. Because my stuff I actually make from reclaimed wood and genuine barnwood. Where as a lot of stuff I'm the ads is made to look aged.