Store policy

Level 2
I wish there was a way to make a F.A.Q or a store policy section on all of my items and profile.

I have a few rules such as...

Cash only.
Pick up only.
No 24 hour holds.
No in home meet ups, ect...

And it becomes frustrating and a waste of time dealing with customers who always ask me to trade, or who want to enter my home to see all of my items that I'm selling, or worse want me to hold an item for a week.

I wish there was a way to ensure that these questions are handled before they even get asked.
Community Helper
I had to put Please read description in a couple of my titles because the info is in the description on those items and I got tired of answering the same questions over and over again. I would see if that works for you.
Community Manager

Welcome to the community, @EyesAgates! I absolutely love and agree with this idea!! Personally, I think there are a lot of cool things we can do with our buyer/seller profiles! I'm sure our product teams are working on some fun updates behind the scenes!