Level 3
You know what I would really like?! I would really like to have the ability to rate people who are rude, mean or just plain weird to warn others regardless if a sale was finalized or not. I think this is very important for All to know what type of people we are dealing with before having to deal with them and avoid potentially negative experiences. Thank You
OfferUp employee

@Cakes Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! If you ever run across someone who is harassing you, or being inappropriate in any way and don't follow our guidelines, please report them right away so our teams are in the know and can look into their account to make sure they don't continue with behavior that we don't allow. Thanks again for sharing. Smiley Happy

Level 9
Agreed. I've made suggestions in the past that are hopefully implemented.
Community Helper
@Cakes I agree there’s one other app that has this option, on the members profile page saying, (review) next to their usernames. just tap on (review), takes you to reviews page write your reviews, as well as giving stars ratings. on getting one fake review contacting the app, they investigate the transaction and restored my star ratings and removed the bad review. I believe it would be a great feature for OfferUp members.