Suggestions for improving this app (Sorry if these are repeats)

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Welcome to Online Community Forum, @Yay_stuff and @Tulare.
I'm totally agree with yall both have some great ideas how to improve customer experiences and app user friendly would be taking good notes here @OfferUp. Thank you for sharing your tips. What are yall using OfferUp app for buying or selling?
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Omg. Completely my bad. Genuine apologies goblin, I mistakenly attributed your name to the post made by user 0317. Goblin your post was perfectly reasonable, 0317 it was Your blatantly untrue and pointless contribution that I had meant to chastise.....also.... What's with the ",,,,"? you know that a pause is indicated with periods not commas...... Right?
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-Kudos to all suggestions contributed 👍

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