Super shipper

Level 3
So does the super shipper badge disappear after some time? Mines did!
Level 4
Hi, mine disappeared for a few days and then decided to show up on my seller profile again .
Level 3
Mines has not reappeared and it has been some time now. Any one know the root cause of this issue?
I have this same issue. It displayed for about a month and it’s been gone for about 3 months. I’ve shipped over 200 items with no issues or delays.... but it’s still missing 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’ve contacted support about 10 times and they say “we’re working on it”
Level 3
Interesting, for me it took quite some time to appear initially, (see my previous posts). The glitch needs to be resolved since it does give buyers more confidence with us when the badge appears!