Suspicious buyer

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Hi, I'm new to the app and was contacted by a "Hannah Beasley" about purchasing my item. The initial message was on the app and then my email. After my first response, the buyers message disappeared from my messages, but two other offers that I received were still there. I tried searching for the user, but came up with nothing. Her only correspondence was through email. I was sent a check in the mail, but there was no mention of the buyers name or why the check was being issued (no memo). I was contacted by text repeatedly, asking if I had received the check and had deposited it. I replied stating my concerns and the discrepancies with the check. My one true concern is that I did give my home address for delivery of payment before I figured out it there was cause for concern. Not sure what to do now.
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@Balcala1   Sorry that this happened to you. I’m sure everyone else is going to say the same thing. Stay in the app. Don’t give out your personal information. They can pay with OfferUp if it’s being shipped. If it’s a meetup then it’s cash. I would report the account to support.  Hope this helps you.