Technical Difficulties or Operator Error

Good morning Smiley Happy I have a couple quick questions. 1- using the playstore offerup app (which is all I've ever used), I am suddenly getting for sale items that are either way out of my neighborhood (even out of my state) some being over 1500 miles away and many listings are from over 1 year ago. Have not had this issue before & have used app since 2017.
2) Is there an actual designated spot to post tech issues using the app (do not use or have personal computer).
3) I've noticed some extremely inappropriate ads in the past week (screenshot 1 but don't know how or where to send it to dev team). Considering the rules laid out for using offerup, I don't see how allowing ads for buying a synthetic male appendage with detailed product image is appropriate.
4) Why does the for sale page go all the way back to the top after clicking on an item then returning to for sale page? It use to let me pick up where I left off.
5) For sale page items listed are being repeated as in I scroll a few times then for sale items I've already scrolled past appear in grouped sections of 5-10 all over again & again.
6) Am I the only one having issues scrolling on the community forum page, seems to flip back to top after lifting finger from screen.
7) lastly & very sorry for such long post... It took me 20 min. to locate button in order to get this window for posting to appear. Only after tapping on a conversation then exiting that conversation did the "post a comment or question" tab appear. That has been an ongoing issue & is why I haven't posted here sooner and why so many questions at once.
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All day yesterday and so far this morning my app has been showing items from all over, I've updated my app and nothing.. its driving me crazy!!!
@Keekles have you figured out a fix for the location issues yet?