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Go get me GIR'S! Work it, work it, work it....@L11
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@L11 ahh sarcasm, my first (and main) language. We'll get along just fine!

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@L11  I can do that too! My family are a hoot! Never know what they may talk about.

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More of a "Knowing" than a Raven! lol Smiley Wink
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@REMEMBRANCE--Haha....I was speaking about Raven, an actress, who is psychic on a few of her shows (just a joke)...😀😁
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Yes... @Hi-there
I am familiar with Raven, the Disney actress... Understood your reference silly!
She has visions... I don't lol
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@REMEMBRANCE--Haha, good one!! When we were speaking about the names, & it was like you could read my mind, see things that may not have been directly in front of you at the time, made me think of her, that's all 😀😉
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Hey All!
How about:
Kinda catchy... and an informative title. What do you think? Plz&ty! Smiley Wink
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I like "Forum Friends," it has a nice ring to it!!
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GRATITUDE my friend!
🐰 "Happy Easter" to all who recognize!