Thoughts about the Item Performance chart for your items?

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Accepted the Free 3 Day offer to use this promotional thing but could NOT remove it on the 3rd day and OFFER UP HELP would not Reply or Respond to my questions or email for help on how to remove my item from being Promoted!! It’s a SCAM!!
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I think it’s great! Now can you get the Ed room furniture sold lol
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Sorry I meant to type Bedroom set lol

Hi..newbee here, jumps into the deep end of the pool.

I like the flow wave graff. It would be helpful to add a 24hr timeline table. 

As a seller I think it would be helpful to know the number of members viewing in each category. That way a seller would know the best time to post a listing. Shoppers shop at different times for different things. As a buyer , I call it  "window shopping"  when you are just "browsing around" in different categories, looking at every thing. I click on an interest and "heart" it ,select its "basket" .. continue to shop.. 

I like to look at cloths and stuff turning the day and car shop late at night.

As a seller, I went to know when and how many shoppers are looking at item, and how many "hearts" my item has. That would be a helpfully Graff of info.

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Great ideas @Greeneyez2cya 


I would definitely like access to statistical numbers like the ones you mentioned. Which categories have "peak times"? Who has "liked/ hearted" an item of mine to save for viewing later?? I believe that the more statistical information the seller has - the better for OfferUp as well!!!


Here is something I would LOVE to see also- (similar to a filter on Ebay) it would be nice to have a way to search for "already sold items" - as a way to see how quickly a similar or same item can potentially sell for - it would also be nice to see HOW MUCH items have been sold for recently.

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@factsdontcare Ahhhh - I see what you are saying about local cash sales not being confirm(able). Thanks for that. I would still like to see what is sold and if it’s worth my time I could check other sources for pricing (eBay, WorthPoint, etc.)
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I think that the bottom line is how many people contact you to make an offer-that would show me how popular my item is not how many views it got.

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I really Love it what a smart idea
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Honestly, I dont think it makes any difference how many people are looking at any given item. The only thing that matters is how many people really contact you and say that want to buy it!

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the chart is inaccurate. i posted an item today on sept 4 but the chart shows view count for sept 3. i’d post a screenshot here but don’t know how.