Thoughts about the Item Performance chart for your items?

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HI OfferUp Community! We are working on giving you more visibility to how the items you are selling are performing on the app.  The Item Performance can be found when you go into your actual item right above the chat. What do you think about this feature?  I personally love it because it shows me how popular my item is, what day it's getting the most views and so much more.  Let me know your opinions!  Happy Monday! 



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Here's how to find your Item Performance stats!


Seller Stats 1.pngSeller Stats.png

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Still looking for any feedback on this feature! I'm a huge data nerd so its one of my favorite features, but would love to hear other opinions Smiley Very Happy

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I think I noticed it a while back, nice touch.

I like it, but I can't say I look at it often.

By the by lurkers, this may seem obvious to most of you but you'll need to click on the yellow icon that states Item Performance on most phones.
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Was pleasantly surprised when posting items and seeing this new feature...
Do love it!
Guess, makes me kinda nerdy too Mj 😆
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@Mj_206 for the cost of promoting.... ?? I'm on the fence. I can definitely see items have more views, and the ability to switch items on promotion is a great touch. I am continuing to be optimistic. Yet watching. If automatic likes came with it would be awesome. 🤣🤣
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@Mj_206 I haven't noticed any new changes to it. It looks the same to me.
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Mine has not change either. I actually never use this for anything, I look at the view count shown, but don't put any stock in that as a selling tool.
I do sometimes google my keywords to see where I rank in results, but really just gage interest on messages or actual purchases, I guess. I have had items with 530 view in a few days and not one mssg, others with 2 views in a few minutes and immediate sale. I wonder if I may not be using it to its full potential? Not really sure
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I think it’s a great tool to see when offerup sellers and buyers are active. And it’s just nice to see offerup stats at work.

As far as actual sales - it could be useful to help sellers choose what to sell in the future if the item is popular.

As a seller, I would love to see more reporting tools. For instance I would love to type in a key word and see if any sold on offerup for the last year (locally and shipped) similar to seeing the solds on ebay. I know this isn’t ebay but I like that option because it helps me price optimally to sell.
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I’m not a data nerd at all! This is more than I need. I rely on selling across multiple platforms and pricing competitively. Micromanaging my inventory like this is too much for me too handle. It’s kind of interesting, but it doesn’t really drive my sales. I have a phone and an extra bedroom, not a fleet of trucks, handheld devices and a warehouse.