Thoughts about the Item Performance chart for your items?

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Loving the feedback everybody!  You guys are amazing! 

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More knowledge- more sales. I look forward to a detailed dashboard that includes geographical trends in searches and sales. Of course, as this app continues to shift to more and more refined features it will be interesting to see how community sales develop. I actually think there should be "offerup cash" we can have remain on our handle in exchange for optional portions of sales- a sort of loyalty feature. Just some thoughts. I am a businessman and have had success with loyalty incentives on transactions at many locations.
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I'm not really sure how to interpret the chart. Is there anywhere we can find that info.?? Other than seeing what days we have views ..I don't understand the curves and how to interpret them. For instance I just had a performance chart show five views with a straight flat line for over a day or so?? rather than the usual drop off curve. What does this mean? Some curves taper off slowly some have a bell shape curve. Some continuous spikes for 1 person every other day. Some it immediately drops off does that mean it was viewed but we are too assume maybe pics or price are issue? Some interpretation information on these analytics would be helpful for our success. It's a great tool if you can use it and understand it.
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I believe the performance chart is a crucial tool in selling! Myself I use it to track my items. If one of my items is not being viewed or favorited then I need to consider changing out that item for one that will, or maybe I need to change the way I have it listed. The performance chart let's me see these important statistical facts at a glance, saving me time and work that would have to be done tracking them myself. Another way the chart helps me is in the ratio of views to offers. If an item gets 309 views, but only 3 offers, that tells me that my price might be to high. Even when I've done all of the homework on an item it's still only worth what the market will bear, or in other words what someone is willing to pay for that item. The chart helps you judge how your pricing alignment fits in with like or similar items being sold in the same market as yours. I'm not trying to teach anybody anything, lord knows I'm no "expert", but I know what works for me. 

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Excellent points
Am also a fan of the Performance
Use it always... in all ways.
Just a little ocd when it comes to stats.
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My wife says that I have many ocd's but stats is a big one!

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Hi sorry to bother you but I just joined yesterday and I have not read everything about the site yet but I saw ur post about the performance chart and was wondering if that was on here and if so where can I find it?? Thankyou for ur time.
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The Performance chart is located under your item post in the OU app.

@ReeC wrote:
As a seller, I would love to see more reporting tools. For instance I would love to type in a key word and see if any sold on offerup for the last year (locally and shipped) similar to seeing the solds on ebay. I know this isn’t ebay but I like that option because it helps me price optimally to sell.

I like the way you think!  


Currently, the  "sold" price/item data cannot be objectively verified, unless the items are shipped. The aggregated raw data would be flawed, since there is no verification process or OU handshake that takes place in real-time for local pick-up transactions involving cash (especially reporting the actual sold price).


In addition, unless all users opt for shipping, the performance data is way off. For instance, if a buyer in NY clicks on an ad posted in CA (since the shippable option is preset to default unless the user "unticks" it first), but the buyer is only considering local meet-ups, the collected data would be flawed.

Can seem To get more viewers on the items that I’m selling I need to have some how to popularize items that I’m selling