Thoughts about the Item Performance chart for your items?

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Alrighty guys! Our product team is absolutely loving this feedback, and so am I! 


On that note - we want your feedback on this prototype for potential updates to this feature. We want you to test out the flow before it's implemented and we're looking for your opinions. 


1) Open this link on your mobile phone 
2) In this flow, you are a furniture seller who is selling a 'Sandalwood table' and have promoted it.
3) Click on Sandalwood table
4) Click on Item Performance


From there - just take a note of any feedback on whether you like it more or less than the current item performance. If you like it more - what specifically draws you in more? Is there anything confusing about this flow?


I'm looking forward to the feedback!! Let me know if you have questions Smiley Happy

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I'm not able to switch promoted items anymore. Am I doing something wrong?
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Bumping this thread! Still looking for feedback on the prototype I posted above ^^

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Was waiting 2 more days to see Promotion movement lol!
Personally, have not used the Promotion feature to date.
However, the distinction does help, IMO. Am I not seeing all the feed views? Only getting 15K not 18K?
Math is not my best forte´.
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While I like using the Performance chart to track items I'm selling and use the bump religiously, I have actually never used the promotion features. Thankfully I haven't needed to. Now, that being said, I don't like to comment on or about something that's not with in the realm of my knowledge. Of course, now that Mj_206 asked us to review it and give our opinions of it, and because I know myself (I won't be able to leave it alone), I'm going to find an item that I want to promote and promote it. That way I can give an honest opinion and my wife can retain what's left of her sanity. But I must say on its visual merits it does look good, I think you can never have to much data!

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@REMEMBRANCE your math skills are fine! Good eye, that was just a slight typo Smiley Wink


A couple followup questions - @REMEMBRANCE and @Woodguychris - Do you like the differentiation between feed views vs item views? If not - why not? There's another prototype you guys can check out -HERE- which is a bit different than the first one. Which one do you guys prefer? Personally, I like this latest link the most, just because I feel like it gives me all the information I'm looking for. 


PS - aren't these tests FUN?! I love how the direct feedback we receive in this thread is being checked out by the product team that is responsible for this feature. That means your feedback might even make it into the app! Stay tuned for more threads like this one. Love this!

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That's an awesome demo!

I like the graph a lot better though.

Visually, I think it works best with the overall feel of the app.

Maybe even move the permformace badge and add it as an option under offers.
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GTK... @Mj_206!
Definitely like the Item views more so than the overall feed views.
Straight to the data on serious lookie loos.
Also, the later is more data.. gotta love more data!
Color is good too, orange draws the eye more.
Fun, Fun for sure!
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You guys are AWESOME!! Thanks @goblin @REMEMBRANCE  Heart

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Absolutely @Mj_206!
Love to try out new features... Smiley Wink