Time Wasters - getting sick of them

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I finally signed up for this board out of anger for the constant stupid buyers and time wasters.  I used to get people who would literally go back and forth with me asking questions for days, EVEN WEEKS.  I now give someone maybe 2 times or 3 times max and 2 meet up opportunities.  You stall on those I block.  I think they get some kind of power trip pretending like they are big and popular negotiators.  They probably brag to their friends or for the guys, they probably take the phone into bars and say "ladies I am so popular look at my phone blowing up"



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If people don’t show up and start asking stupid questions , I block them immediately. Pretty easy to recognize a potential buyer and a time waster .
Frustration noted! Sorry you've had this experience. I make it a point to only make offers on items that I will buy if accepted. Some people are bored and have nothing better to do...
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I share your pain!!! When people donts show up and dont even have the decency to message to let you know, it aggravates the absolute hell out of me. I'm waiting right now for someone who should have been here almost an hour ago. I messaged to ask if they were on their way or still coming, and no response. Do they realize we can see if they read our message? Ugh. 😡 ok, rant over. Thanks for listening
I was all ears! 👂