*Tips* for a better listing

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Does anyone else go and look up their item and actually screen shot it to show the price?
1) I usually chose ebay due to it being mainly used items but if I for some reason don't see it on ebay I'll go wth the most common listed price!

2) I will also go on offerup and look at my item , see if anyone has posted the same one & as simple as making it .99 cents cheaper acts as a magnetic to the eye of a bagrin shopper! which is why were here in the first place right?!

3) make sure you always take a picture of your item front, back, at eye level as well as an picture above it , including any serial numbers or bar codes!

4) use your phones camera and don't mess with the settings it's not a selfie! maybe use some selective focus to blur out everything surrounding it.

hopefully this helps yall, another benefit is if you didn't sell an item or it didn't get sold on offer up don't delete the post because you can still select "sold elsewhere " so you receive the credit of the sale still!
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@clafond253--Thank you so much for the awesome tips!! Many of us can benefit from these wonderful ideas!! Thanks so much!!