Tire shops flooding the market anyone else having this problem

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So I'm here in the Phoenix Market and recently there's been an issue of tire shops literally spamming the pages. There's two or three shops that are posting hundreds of adds most of which have been photoshopped to take up large sections of the screen. They even go as far as putting their phone number in the username so the system can't block it. I know personally I'm finding this really frustrating I understand that they want to sell tires and I have no issue with them posting ads but when you can literally scroll through the front pages every hour and find 5 or 10 of their ads it's getting a little ridiculous and seems extremely unfair to be pushing everybody down the list with these crazy Photoshop ads. I report them almost every day and it seems like nothing ever gets done or if it does they just create a new account and just keep spamming. Wanted to see if anybody else was having this issue and what everyone's thoughts on this are. I would also like to pose the question to the OfferUp staff to see if there's any way they could block IP addresses that are continuously spamming.
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Community members that spam posts in this way are in violation of our posting rules. It's important to keep in mind that small businesses, dealers, and stores are allowed to post on OfferUp, but we ask for them to not spam post in the way you are describing. 


If you have reported the users that are violating these terms, our Customer Care team will review the report and take any appropriate action. 


Do you think having a specific section for businesses would help solve this problem?

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It's worse here in Southern Cali...the car capitol. Blocking the IP addresses will solve nothing, as they can easily find another access point to post ads, nor will banning accounts (as it is too easy to name another one). Initiating MAC address bans would hurt their pockets.


Having a speific section for businesse/dealers will not effective. Dealers are fully aware that there is more exposure on the private/owner section...as proof...look on CL.

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Hi @Agapecer yep I totally understand, I see the same thing every day with tire shops and car dealerships, photoshopping there images into long strips taking several spaces in the browser page and even photoshopping phone numbers in the photos as well.
I’ve taken screenshots and given them to the developer from my test app, I’ve received emails from one of the developers asking for more screenshots from these dealer in AZ doing this. I still report this kind of behavior all the time. I’m sure the OfferUp team will address this issue in the future.
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Unfortunately I think the developers are really going to need to step up their security Or verification protocolsI had a few minutes today and did a little digging This one tire shop that's been spamming Has created seven accounts today That are still active each one posting on average 60 to 150 Post in 2 hoursThey either need to start Banning Mac addresses Banning phone numbers associated with the accounts Or since this one tire shop is so blatant about this OfferUp could go as far as sending a cease-and-desist letter Directly to them and ask them to no longer use the appSince it's very obvious that this tire shop Is trying to operate outside the offer up parameters By directing people to call themEven going as far as putting their phone number in their usernameI really wish OfferUp would have some local administrators in each Major Market That could banned accounts And delete ads In their area Without having To send it through the entire reporting process Forek nown repeat violators I love this app but if they don't find a way to get this kind of stuff under control Then they're going to lose a lot of people that are legitimately trying to do business And this is just going to turn intoAnother Google AdWords platform To advertise in spam businesses
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Yeah the same thing goes for them free cell phones that are everywhere
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At the very least the long strip ad should be an easy thing to solve, just some algorithm changes, so all are are limited to some frame size.

I do have a suggestion that can deal with the spamming quite effectively, tho it may be detrimental as well. One option is to make OfferUp an phone based platform only, like LINE and WECHAT, where you must register a phone number and can only use the app on that phone only. So account creation is limited(that’s the downside) but at the same a dealer can’t just keep creating tons of new accounts unless they wanna pay for new numbers or do the google number thing which is also very time consuming.

I am also disliking this issue in Dallas TX. I believe you should open up a new section for rims and tires. But it should not come up in the catch all near me sections. Rather it’s own separate section, so people can select. That way all other ads don’t get push back.