Tru You issue after being approved

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Ive signed up for TruYou, got approved and completed my offerup profile with other info (facebook, phone, etc). It says Tru You member on my profile, however, every time I try to message someone or edit my listing, it prompts me to sign up again. When I try to sign up again, an error pops up. I've cleared the data and cache on my phone, still cant get a message through. Tried using the laptop, no message is going through. I've reached out to Offer Up support twice via email, twitter and facebook but still have not gotten a response except for a "your issue has been forwarded to the marketing team" email. Anyone know how to bypass the glitch? I find it interesting how the scammers are roaming free on the app, and I've completed all my info and having trouble. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

P.S. new to offer up, posted the same item in two different categories but deleted one of them since getting the error. 

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-Check to make sure your app is up to date by going to the app store on your phone and manually search for updates

-Restart your phone (power on/off)

-Uninstall and then power of the phone, clear cache, and reinstall the app

Good luck and keep us updated!
Level 1

Did you end up fixing this?  Got the same issue.