TruYou Member verified but still cant send message

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Hi, I submitted my truyou application and it was approved yesterday night. Till today every time I try to message someone it asks me to get truyou verified but im already verified. I have tried to verify myself again but the app just crashes and goes back to the home screen when I try to take a photo of my driver license again. I have tried to contract the support team but it says it will send you a “confirmation email” but I never got one and I submitted a ticket 3 times. Does the support page really work and does anyone know how to get past this truyou verification glich? My profile has the Truyou tag, but I can't talk to anyone.....

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I know what your feeling in frushtration right now is been over 2 months and wont let me write back to messages unless i join truyu and when i try it doesnt let me upload