TruYou Verification - Special circumstance

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Hello all,

I have been apart of the OfferUp community for well over a year. I recently attempted to purchase an item using the shipping option and upon attempt, was told I would need to join TruYou. During the process - I attempted to do so by following the instructions. However; due to the fact that I am a military member, my license is expired. It is allowed to be expired, due to me being stationed out of my home state. I contacted support and was told to upload my Military ID and that would be sufficient enough. As you can tell - I was unable to successfully join TruYou. I was told by two representatives that I would be taken care of and I still haven’t been. I am unable to message anyone, place offers, reply to messages regarding my posts and things of that nature. I was hoping there would be a way to obtain some guidance or information. Has my account been flagged? Will I never be able to purchase an item that is being shipped? I’m not necessarily looking to make another account - just hoping to rectify this circumstance.

Thank you for your time.
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Typically, they will manually check it. I was in the military and freshly out when I started my Offerup account. I literally only had a passport and I was able to do so with the help of customer support reps manually checking it.
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I appreciate it. If there is anyone that can verify that for me that’d be great. I’m just looking to speak with a representative about getting verified. Thanks!
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Unfortunately, there's only 1 person that works for Offerup here and she's only in charge of the forums really. The rest of us are end users.
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I'm trying to use the truyou to verify my driver's license but it keeps telling me that my Wi-Fi or Internet connection is bad but it's not and it keeps timing out what the F over. I have noted other people having the same problem why can't this get fixed and how do I rectify this issue