TruYou can't reply

Level 1
Hi so I just got this app a few days ago. I already bought some stuff. But when I posted my own listing, and someone asks about it I couldn't reply. It forces me to join TruYou but I can't because I don't have a license. The options are just join or cancel. I could not reply to any of my customers.
Level 1
I don’t quite understand Tru You. It’s something I have to pay for it? I tell you nothing is the same anymore. You got to pay Tru You or you can possibly get people that want to buy your items. And I can’t reply. They didn’t have this before when I sold a few things. Now it’s the game change. I can’t make sales. I was just told I had a nice post. It’s really screwed that you can’t get a sale without Tru You. My debit card don’t have anything on it but my rent. That to me is really something I can’t afford to do right now. I don’t know who will be taking money out my acct. can somebody tell
Me if that’s true about can’t reply to possible customers if I don’t have True You. If that’s the case I guess I wont be on Offer Up.