TruYou error attempting to verify ID.

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Pop up box shows up when I try to verify ID. Camera pops up for a second to take a picture of the ID, then goes to pop up box stating:

"we couldn't finish the truyou process. Try again in a little while”.
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@EtoDemerzel welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

EtoDemerzel make sure you are in a well-lit area and that you have your id on a flat surface and are trying to capture the image in the brackets that are shown on the app, I’ve also added the information below, If this doesn't work, contact Customer care through the app, or through Facebook or Twitter if this option is available to you, they will look into it for you, here’s the link below also,

OfferUp Customer care

About TruYou
TruYou shows buyers and sellers that they can trust you more easily. When you apply, we’ll check your state-issued ID (like a driver's license), your cell phone number, and a selfie you take from inside the app.

For security, we don’t store your ID on our platform, and buyers and sellers won't see your ID, phone number, or selfie.

Once you’re verified, you'll get a special TruYou badge on your public profile.

Screenshot of a user's profile picture with the TruYou badge and "TruYou Member" label.

How to apply

In the OfferUp app, tap Account icon to view your account.
Tap Join TruYou.
Screenshot of profile page and the Join TruYou link.
If you haven’t already confirmed your phone number, tap Verify Phone Number.
Screenshot of the Join TruYou page and the links to Verify Phone Number and Verify Official ID.
Enter your mobile phone number. We’ll text you a code that you can submit back to us through the app for confirmation. Landlines and virtual phone lines don't work for texting.
Screenshot of the Enter Phone Number field.
If you're asked for your Facebook profile instead, you may have an outdated version of the app. Submitting the info will still work, but we recommend updating to the latest version.
Tap Verify Official ID, and take two photos of your US government-issued photo ID: front and back.
Screenshot of the Verify Official ID photo interface.
Take a selfie! Line up your face in the screen, and blink your eyes to take the picture.
Screenshot of the selfie photo interface.
Usually it only takes a few minutes for TruYou verification, but it can take up to 48 hours. When it's done, you'll get an email confirmation and your profile will be updated to show your new badge.