Trying to upload My ID to stripe using offerup app. Won't work.

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So I'm new to the community but have been selling here for months, I've had no issues and have even verified with Truyou. My profile is 100% complete. But because a seller did not have enough funds to purchase a pair of headphones, the sale automatically cancelled and offerup said 'Please upload photo of Government ID'. And i said, 'Okay I'll add it' but everytime I use the notifications to go to the site and click on the upload document/file box, Nothing happens. I click submit and it says 'please ads document' but i keep tapping the button to upload but nothing pops up. Is there anyway to do this by site like on chome mobile? And I'm unsure why I'm being asked my state ID(or government ID as Offerup refers it to) when I'm verified by TruYou submitting my state ID and selfie. I'd really like to receive my deposit for the headphones being sold at 30 which are LG HBS-W120. Or Lg Tone studio. The same buyer who made the mistake then offered 30 and no issue accepting but I don't see how it's my fault to provide a ID that I've already submitted on TruYou and trying to submit it to stripe using the app is not working. My phone is a LG G5, there is no issue with my phone it must be the app having this particular error. 

Speaking of errors, has anyone noticed that when leaving an offer, if you click 'continue shopping' you see your offer 

BUT if you click 'view my offer' you're taken back to view items you buy.

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And yes I have shipped the headphones with the label provided. It still emailed me to upload my 'government ID' that unfortunately is not working.

Because they need another scan for Stripe who is the cc processing company. If you make to much money with direct deposits from cc transactions you will get a tax form from the gov. This scan has nothing to do with Truyou. Its required by the cc processing company and the gov
Yes!!! Still not working!
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Did you ever get this to work?



I do not recommend offerup for shipping. Have about $300 sitting bc of this problem. 

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WOW! Good 2 know....