USPS is saying your package has a delivery exception

Level 8
Your package has a delivery exception. We attempted to deliver your package at 5:58 pm on April 29, 2019 in RICHMOND, VA 23220 but could not access the delivery location. We will redeliver on the next business day.
I've contacted the buyer already to let him know but no message back from him yet (said check your post office please). I always select tracking updates to make sure I can track each order and the timing too.
Level 9
Dont worry. this happens. Often times the driver just adds this note without an attempt to deliver. He may have ran out of time as a retired usps employee once told me. It will likely just be delivered tomorrow
Level 8
Thank you RevivalGypsy looks like it got delivered earlier. The message states - Your item was delivered to the front desk, reception area, or mail room at 3:51 pm on April 30, 2019 in RICHMOND, VA 23220. Hopefully my customer will get it, unfortunately he hasn't responded yet but at least it's there now.