Used to love this site. Now, it’s full of nothing but paid advertising and stores posting their items online for sale. If that’s what I wanted to see I would go to their websites or look at their sale papers
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Hi @MissMari, thanks for sharing your feedback with us. Small businesses, dealers, and second-hand stores are allowed to set up profiles on OfferUp. When browsing, we try and limit their posts to the ‘Search Everything’ feed but you may sometime see posts in other categories.

If you think a user is not following our guidelines, please use the 'Report' button found on the user’s profile page or on an item’s post. This will allow you to confidentially report specific people and items. An investigation will then be opened up with us. We will investigate and take the appropriate action but please note that we do not usually respond to reports.

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If they are spamming duplicates they can be warned.

Report them if this is the case.

If it's not, there's nothing that can be done.

Eventually they'll leave if they get no customers — which is usually the case and since they have no rep.
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@MissMari welcome to the forum,
question MissMari are you referring to the ads, on the main browser page for big box stores, when you tap on them your automatically sent to their website store, so you don’t have the option to report them.?