Unable to connect to server

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I know it’s not my phone because I use WiFi at work but still I’m not able to see notifications. It says try again later. Meanwhile, those I’ve been communicating with think I’m ignoring them. I submitted a ticket in the help section but so far nothing.
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Hey @Istillcan! Do these steps help at all? Let me know Smiley Happy

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No, they don’t help and I missed out on yet another contractor to look at my house! When is this going to get fixed?
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Okay, then that's something our Customer Support team has to look into for you to get more details. They'll get back to you as soon as they can! Thanks for being so patient. 

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Having same issue help! I️need to sell this stuff and I️ have offers ! Help
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I always recommend updating the app and clearing any cache/cookies for each device and browser you use to connect to OfferUp on. This will give your app a little refresh and typically resolves most error messages.,

You can troubleshoot yourself by signing out (clearing app cache / data) and then try to sign back in.

If the issue persists, you can ask if the servers are down for maintenance — at the OfferUp Twitter or you can contact customer care from the link below,

OfferUp Customer care
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Same here, I’m experiencing the same issue since last night and still having server issues today
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I’m having the same problem