Unable to see old messages and sellers offers

Level 1
Hello @Mj_206,

So I’m stuck with a possibly minor issue (hopefully)
I have been buying some items from a specific seller and been exchanging messages. This is the third time that I’ve purchased from that seller (one of offerup high rating seller by the way)Transactions and communication is flawless. I’ve just come to realize not too long ago that I no longer can see the sellers physical listing offers on the page nor our exchanged messages. I know the seller hasn’t blocked me because I can still go onto the sellers OfferUp page and it says I’m following and I’m able to see the number of items the seller has for sale but can’t see the actual listings. All I see is “no items for sale” but right on top of that it’ll say (800) indicating there is 800 items for sale. I’ve even gone through my emails to check our previous chats and when it opens up to offerup it either stays blank or says “Forbidden error code 5GG413V4”. The worst part is I just received my order from the seller but there is no way to confirm I received it in order for the seller to get paid because I can’t even go to our original offerup thread where our transaction receipt is. Any ideas on how to fix this?
Level 3
Seems since the last update several major issues including yours have cropped up. Cant see old messages. Cant even see what you have offered up for sale. One of my repeat buyers came to my house saying he has sent 30+ messages to me.