Unresponsive support / broken account

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I made a new account to make this post because my actual account cant do anything.


This issue has persisted for over a week and my recent attempts to contact support received no responses!


I get error code G0XO1VX8 whenever I try to enter the offers tab. And I cant change any account info either. Also when I enter the messages tab it says "Welcome to the OfferUp community, Register Today!" Signing into the browser just loads infinitely when I login through facebook.


Rebooted device
Logged out/in
have the latest update
Tried 4g instead of wifi
Tried a different wifi network
Tried web version


I've recently purchased something and need to contact the seller **Desperately** and I cant because of this error.

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Try OU Twitter Support or see if Mj_206 can escalate your case.
I am currently having the same problem. How did you fix it?
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You can try Customer Care at: