Unsolicited Offer Up notifications and ads

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I absolutely hate that Offer Up has now reduced their app to just another of the millions who scam and use your information for their own gain. I've been using Offer Up for several years now and have done so successfully with no frills or bull**bleep** until recently.

Sometimes I click on an ad to see how much someone else is selling a product. That doesn't mean I want to be inundated with product offers from retailers..

I know when I am looking for something and I don't need Offer Up researching my searches and sending me notifications about what THEY think I should buy.

Get out of my **bleep**ing business Offer Up or you will be deleted.
Level 9
"scam and use your information for their own gain"

About 90% of apps do this, even search engines.

It's one way they are able to generate revenue to keep the app free.

To be honest you can spot them quite easily and ignore them.

"notifications about what THEY think I should buy"

Have noticed that they now have notifications about my searches.

I would say that they are a bit annoying — a large portion of us feel this way about them.

"Get out of my **bleep**ing business Offer Up or you will be deleted."

I don't think it's as intrusive as you make it sound — threatening OfferUp will accomplish nothing.
Community Manager

We do have recommended items get sent out, but they are always based on what you've searched for. I find them to be incredibly helpful and have purchased several items from these recommendations. This is just a way to expose more inventory to community members that may be interested in it. I've actually had a friend find me through the recommended items! I don't believe there is a way to turn this off, but if you clear your cache and history often, they will more random.

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What I don't like is the moment I try to post something, I'll get a notification. It has the same sound as when a buyer sends a message, so I ditch the post to go snswer the message and sure enough there's no messages from buyers! Or the fact that I'm getting these notifications on searched items at 3am sometimes! Even when I haven't checked the app for hours. But the worst is when I get them after I'm done posting and I have numerous buyers contacting me all at the same time plus I'm getting search alerts that are on my in items I just posted! How can offer up not know that those are my items I just posted?
100% agree with @bai1962 and @zinda. I never look at anything OfferUp suggests. I just get angry at all the spam advertisements.
OfferUp should actually listen to its users complaints for once. Years and years later no real improvements. Updates are only those that spam more ads onto the users.

What OfferUp should be sending to us is a voting poll to choose new and better features that we have been wanting fixed for forever.
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I'm not talking about the posts for Walmart and other paid post spots that appear, they need to make money somehow, I'm talking about local businesses that post thousands if items and pay nothing. Those are also the same ones who have hundreds of duplicates and clog up the sales area pushing my few posts out of view instantly. They should not be able to post for free or maybe limit the free posts to 500 or something like that for everyone! That way if the duplicate posts it will use up their limit quicker.