Ups doesnt pick up at my front door

Level 4
Usps picks up at my front door . Click on my app. Put box by my front door . DONE
UPS does NOT. ( not for free) . I have to hope to catch driver as he drives by . Or drive to ups drop off.
How is this better ? IT SUCKS .
I dont have the time for this and have had sales canceled . Because i cant get to the drop off before they close. In time. Thanks offer up. Probably a case of over thinking it again .
Level 9
@lightheadead I just checked UPS site and they are free. From UPS website, Home > Shipping > Value-Added Service > UPS On-Call Pickup and setup the pickup schedule from there as you can enter shipping information from their site once you get shipping label. Im nit sure why you had to cancel the sales...
Level 4
Not free . Ive verified online. By soeaking with operator. And driver. So. What are u talking about.