Verify Phone Number?

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I've not used this service for awhile now, but now that I have a few things to sell, and am looking for some things, I've tried to send messages, and now it wants a phone number.

I simply do not have a mobile phone, I can not afford such service, not even pay as you go, I can hardly afford rent, bills and food for the family, let alone a phone.  I have the normal land line, it can't get texts.


How am I to send messages ect to people, when I don't have a number to verify with.  While I do not thing OfferUp needs this information, they simply want that number so they can sell it off.  Sorry, wish I could be like other people and have money to have a mobile phone, but I just don't.


You need to remove this restriction so people can send messages, I mean you have their email addresses and IP address and I am sure their general location.  Unless this is done, I have to rid myself of the app again until such time you have correct the problem.

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Just for the hell of it I just now tried to make an offer on an item I want, and I STILL have to verify my phone to make an stupid freaking offer!!!!  I do not HAVE ONE.  I am now removing my item from this site, its no longer worth my time to use, because you simply require something that some people just do not F**KING have.  Used to be such a great app, what a waste of space.  lame.

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While I'm sure I'll get scolded by Admins, why not use a family member or friends?

Highly doubt their intent is to sell this information, that's just an assumption.

About 90% of non game apps have this as a requirement for extra security reasons.

They want an additional way to contact you in case you lose your information and a way to see that you're still active.

Another thing to consider is spam.

A bot is unable to register with this extra requirement, essentially ridding the site of common spam.
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That's not about to happen, I know most my friends already use this app, and nobody in my house has a mobile phone, we are not able to afford it.


If I lose my contact info, they can recover it by email, and most the apps on my tablet like this one do not require a phone number, only this one.


Most company's say one thing, but will do the other, so I wouldn't doubt it gets sold.  It's too late, and too bad this company isn't a BBB acredited business, I'd of filed a complaint.

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Can name over a dozen apps that use this method, but I'm not about to debate... I will say it does solve some issues.

Do what you will with the information provided, I gave you the common reasons for it being requested.

Your threatening to leave a bad review and losing hope over an easily solveavle issue is a bit melodramatic and unnecessary.
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Sorry, but its done.  I've removed the app, and will just move on.  Really is sad that a company forces such a restriction.  Whine about spam and blah blah, when thats apart of being online.  



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I was a sorta mean, so I apologise for that. Although it was late and I was tired, that's not a valid excuse. Good luck finding something that works for you.
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Hi Jeff,
I am having a similiar issue which is how I happened upon your post. Have you considered using any number of internet phone services? There are literally 1000's of services. You will find them in your app stores.

I, myself, have very limited resources, and do not have a cell at this time. I am currently using am old, no longer active, government phone. I need to get a new one.

Extremely easy acquire one. I know nothing about this area, but it's something you can usually find at any social service building, i.e. social security office, low income housing office, social service (welfare), etc. My issue is slightly different in the way, I changed my number because of closed account, between numbers. Been using a Wi-Fi access phone for over a month.

I definitely understand the frustration, and using an app like this can help people in my situation in so, from "affordable" deals, to making money.

Good luck to you,

Will check into this and get back to you if you are interested in my "solution " ;-D

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Personally, I do not pay for the service or a sin card, etc. It works out to be more expensive than a Metro PCS plan, unless you really use it extremely limited. LMK how it goes, if you don't mind. This wss an app that I used often when the requirement was an email.