Verify Phone Number?

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yes it is, and to say otherwise makes you an idiot.

If at some point you need to log in to Offerup from a different computer or browser they will ask you to verify your identity with a code that is sent to your phone. If you have not added your phone number for them to send that code you will not be able to log into your account.
I was trying to sign in from the computer at the library and if I had not brought my phone to enter the code sent to my phone I would not have been able to log in. If you choose not to add your phone number that's fine but at some point you might be asked to provide a security code sent to your phone number to log in to your account.
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I disagree with having a verification sent to you via phone. Quite a few apps out there implement barcode scans. Login in via another browser, a barcode is prompted, scan with the phone app, and your login process is accepted on a browser.

If you ask me, offerup should implemented other measures such as activity, ad expiring (renewals), track records, and being on top of "report users". Im sure a a vast amount of users have ads that probably havent logged in for months. Adding ad expirations should screen out users who are not active. Reviews should be forced for every user after each transaction before allowed to post additional ads or purchases. This will help with activity, ratings, reviews, and help determine and eliminate bad from the good sellers and buyers. The offerup team should be on top of users "reported" and implement restrictions (such as a "3 strikes your out" rule).

It used to be email verification, then social media verification, now phone number verification. Whats next? Credit card and address verification? There's a fine line that these companies need to stop at. Again, implement other strategies that make it more difficult for the bad users rather then "forcing" the majority of good users to give out information that "we" prefer not to submit.

Again, I can not edit my ads, create new ads, nor do I know if my ads are even being "circulated" for buyers to take notice. Basically, this app is useless now.

~my 2 cents
I agree! My ink ran out on my printer so I had to run to the library to print out a shipping labels. Thankfully the library is just down the street from my house because I didn't bring my phone with me and couldn't sign in to print the shipping label because I had to add the code Offerup sent to my phone. I had to go back home and then return to the library. It was honestly a total waist of time and a hassle because my other shipping labels from two other sites I was able to print with no problems.
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Apparently, I can't even archive my listings that I would like to remove unless I submit a phone number. I can't edit, I can't archive, so what's left? "SOLD" which I have not done. Really? If you think about it, thats an indication of hundreds or even thousands of ads that are probably left unattended (leaving the ad as active or left posted) as some of these users may have already left the offerup community. The developers idea of "security" probably wont secure the activity ofany legitimate users.
Good call @GR8BUYS I agree! I would say there's a huge number of items floating around already sold because of this! Smh
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Well guess I had no choice but to verify a number. I really do find this app and being forced to verify with a phone number complete utter nonsense and BS. Having received a message for a potential item to be sold.....I had to verify. Other apps don't require a number, yet,I get more views, inquiries, and sales. Hmmmmm, something to think about?
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Logged in via web browser for the first time thinking it would be convenient for me to edit or post a new ad.  Apparently, you can log in but can't post any new ads unless it's via mobile app?  *So I'm prompted.  I'm sorry but what are you web and app developers thinking?  Shouldn't the user come first?

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Bologna, I verified my number 2 x and I still can’t message! I’ve signed out, uninstalled, restarted my device, reinstalled, signed back in, go to message a seller to make a purchase and it wants me to Verify my number again. So I did, Twice! Still can’t message! I then went an extra step thinking if I did the TruYou verification that would help, no it didn’t. Please verify your number. What’s going on? I'm verified as much as I can be, including my Facebook is attached, you know everything about me and I still can’t message a seller! Fix you system please, I’m losing money daily, I buy here and sell the items and I haven’t been able to message in weeks now!