Verify Phone Number?

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I have no problem giving my phone number but nothing's working and I got somebody banging at my door for an item I'm trying to sell,, I'm already a truyou member so you have my dang driver's license. I'm already a truyou member so you have my driver's license, but you won't let me respond
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See if logging in from a PC gives you the same error and also contact support.
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We are not happy about the new mandatory phone number. Especially now that we're barred from responding to buyers.

Rationale, explanations & excuses from other users are not helpful. It does not negate or excuse, the fact that Offer-Up made a change to the platform that affects our bottom line &/or relationships, & makes sellers look unreliable, without so much as a heads up.

Your platform, your right. But its extremely poor form (not to mention tacky), to change existing account requirements, without a heads-up.

If you dont accept payment via the app, there's no reason to require a phone number. And what about those who use the browser version? Those who are sight-impaired? Those without phones? We're no longer welcomed?

There are more professional & courteous ways to advise Members they're no longer welcomed, than to make them appear like they're the bad guys (by being non-responsive to buyers).

Are you planning to purge all our items? Purge our accounts?

Please rethink the mandatory phone "verification". Failing in that, please at least take responsibility for blocking buyers & sellers from using the app. Post a banner on the main page, saying you have terminated x number of users. Or post a banner upfront stating that OfferUp engages in False Advertising by showing items that can no longer be purchased. Or a notice on items saying that you have barred the seller from responding.

We appreciate the app, appreciate the service, appreciate your time, & have recommended you to others. We do not appreciate having the rug pulled out from under us & leaving buyers hanging - thinking that we just didn't respond. I think you can handle this better. Please re-consider.

Thank you.
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Should we uninstall the app & just use the browser version?
Or does the browser version require a phone number "for security" too?
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@AtlasAttic Offerup started out as an app and is mostly used as a phone app, so I would assume most of my buyers have smart phones and can use them. I'm not sure why they require phone numbers being verified on some people's accounts, but I assume that even if you use the website, you would have to verify your number there as well since it's the same account.
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Hi. Thanks. I'm a goober; could've just waited to login via browser & answer my own question ;-) Will try later.
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I have to agree with this. I may not be a power seller but I am a legitimate seller. Wasn't a facebook, email, and other measures good enough for verification? I'm sure other measures can be implemented. There are many sellers who want to keep their number private. Private meaning NOT REQUIRED to add a phone number, no matter what OfferUp claims to keep private. I can no longer post ads NOR can I even edit current ads. I really hope something smart is done and these restrictions are removed.

What's interesting is, with proper handling and screening, I get far more inquiries and sell far more on craigslist at a much better selling price.

These apps have too many buyers who think they can get everything for nearly "free". But thats another topic......
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Good for you, don't cave to these clowns. You are correct, Offerup does not need your phone number just to let you ask a question to the seller.

It's bad enough they ask for your number, but what's worse is the excuse being used to try and justify such garbage.


I ran into this crap when I wanted to find out some information the seller did not list.

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The interesting thing is how no one has complained yet about there being no OPT out option on this. My understanding is that's it's illegal for any company to hold any goods or services hostage in this fashion.

They're literally holding sales hostage under the guise of privacy crap!

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Except it doesn't. There are plenty of reports where offerup claims it wason't responsible but yet the problem stemmed from giving the personal information.