View Count is not working

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My view counts are not updating. I received 3 messages from potential buyers but have no view count info. Please fix this glitch. It seems like it is on-going.


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Hi everyone! Item view counts should be working at this time. If anyone is experiencing any troubles with this, please reach out to our Customer Care team so they can assist. 

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Same issue.
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Hey @ELMASTODONTE @BrendaJ @FoisyTrade
just an update on view count as of 1/23/2018 7:a m
just a heads up the view problem looks like it’s fixed, give it a try and make sure your good to go. have a good one,👍
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Same thing with me i cannot see the view count. I guess now is based in money.
OfferUp employee

Hey everyone, we are looking into this. Thanks for letting me know! @BrendaJ @ELMASTODONTE @FoisyTrade

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Elin, the view count is working again! Thank you for your assistance.
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I’m 57Chevy I know the feeling I haven’t been able to see my selling page for about 6 months. OfferUp wants me to uninstall and then reinstall the app, my girlfriend did this and lost everything Pictures and descriptions. Now my sold button is completely gone so what I’ve sold I can’t put sold on it. I’m getting very frustrated I’ve had great success with OfferUp but I’m getting very discouraged. I’ve got over 300 items posted on OfferUp.
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Hey @-57chevy the issue with view count it’s a new issue, I believe your problem your having for 6 months is totally a different problem. The difference is every one else can still see there items in there items for sale page, they just lost the view counts on their items. but that issue has been resolved as of 1/23/2018, 7: a m
now people can see there view counts.
Also you definitely will not lose anything when uninstalling and reinstalling the OfferUp app. You can also mark your items sold from OfferUp online from your desktop computer if available. My question is when your issue started did you get any error message saying your about to violate OfferUp guidelines?
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My View count is working now. Thank you.
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Great @BrendaJ glad it’s working for you now 👍