Was sold appliances that didnt work

Was sold a washer and dryer which I paid $230 for. Was guaranteed by seller that it was like new and worked great. They even delivered it and hooked it up. The person in the picture which was a woman was not the person who dropped it off. I just thought maybe it was her husband. But small story short the washer had a leak it in which I let them no but didn't get a response back. I tried to wash a load which it filled with water then it stopped making alot of noise and was very few clothes in it plus dryer doesn't dry all the way. I was scammed out of my money and what's worse he told me I had a 30 day warranty and to contact them if anything went wrong. I let them no and seen they read my messages but no response back at all. I'm really upset I'm a single parent if 4 and used all I had for that just to be scammed out of my money not sure what to do. I reported them to offer up but have not yet heard back.
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Got to make sure you test the item before you purchase it. Can’t trust everyone on OfferUp.
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You may be able to have them repaired and still save money from having to buy a new set. I work on appliances, if you are in the Los Angeles area, I might be able to repair it for a reasonable cost.